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Supply list for Fox and Unicorn Wreath project

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

So excited for the upcoming tutorial for the Fox and Unicorn Wreath projects on October 31 at 10:00 a.m. The tutorial will continue to be available if you can't make it at that time so you can always catch up on the wreath. The list of suggested supplies will be the same for the wreath part and then specific for Fox or Unicorn. A limited number of kits are available in the shop now or if you would like to purchase a finished wreath ready to hang they are also available!

Here is the list for the Wreath: 9" styrofoam wreath base or similar; about an ounce white wool ~ I used half white roving and half pin-drafted white roving in my sample photos but any combination of white batt/roving should work. I liked the pin-drafted roving in the samples I made because it added a bouncy movement to the wool that reminds me of snow! You can also mix in some sparkly Angelina in a silvery/white color to your wool to make your wreath more sparkly if you wish. Dark green felt (sheet felt) and a couple grams of dark green wool batting for the holly leaves, a couple of grams bright red wool batting for berries, a bit of lighter green wool to highlight the leaves and a bit of bright/pinkish wool to highlight the berries as well as a bit of darker red wool to create a shadow for the berries. Enough white sheet felt to make three stars or rainbows in three sizes. You will also need a length of yarn (preferably wool) to felt onto the top/back as a hanger.

For the Fox: about 6 grams./ 1/4 oz foxy cinnamon color batting for his body and head, a skewer (such as for barbeque from dollar store), a 3-4" piece of foxy color wool roving to create his fur, a couple grams of white for his chest and tail and a bit of black for the eyes and nose. You will need a small amount of black felt to create the base for the ears and a 2.5-3" piece of wire for the tail ~ I used 24 gauge cloth-covered wire, but any similar gauge wire will work. Also, white sheet felt for the three stars on the Fox wreath.

For the Unicorn: Please note: For variation, In the pictured sample of finished Unicorn wreath I used two different colors of green wool felt for the holly leaves and therefore needed two shades of green batting to cover them with. The Unicorn: You will need about 5-6 (1/4 oz) grams of super white batting for the Unicorn body and head (Mix in Angelina fiber if you want a sparkly Unicorn!), a skewer (such as for barbeque from dollar store), a bit of pink/light violet for the ears and muzzle, a bit of black wool for the eyes and nostrils, a handful of fluffy white locks that will work for the mane and tail, a piece of white wool felt (sheet felt) for the rainbow bases and the ears to make them stiffer, a 3.5" piece of wire for the horn ~ I used 24 gauge cloth-covered wire but any similar gauge wire will work, a 10-12" piece of fine yarn to wrap the horn with (as decoration and for stability) and a small gemstone for the tip of the horn. You will also need small strips of rainbow colored roving (batting works but roving is easier for the felted rainbows) in any colors you like.

And as always, you will need sharp scissors and glue such as Gorilla super glue although any craft glue will work (for tail/horn), just takes a bit longer to dry/setup. Since we will be needle felting into the styrofoam base, you will need a sturdier needle such as a 36 or a 32. Please remember to keep the styrofoam base flat on your work table so you don't break it while felting!

If you are not currently on the Menagerie e-Mail list, message me, as all felters on the list will receive the paper pattern template for both wreaths. Message here or email me at for the free template ! See you on the 31st!

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