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Exciting News! I am now a Sarafina Certified Instructor!

So excited to be an instructor and affiliated member of the Sarafina Fiber group! Please use this link to purchase supplies as part of my affiliated status:

When you order this will link all the Sarafina needle and wet felting supplies you purchase to my account! When you order this way I am offering a special discount to all Menagerie website visitors ~ when you place an order using my link, please message me with what you purchased and I will give you a discount toward your next class or Menagerie kit based on the value of your order.

Please use the link to visit the Sarafina store to see all the supplies in stock, from felting needles, core wool, top coats for animals, Swax for beaks, hooves and anything you want to be shiny and smooth, the list is endless! You can also purchase Sarafina kits which link to free videos on the Sarafina Youtube and website. If you need any help picking out which materials to use for a project you have in mind, please message me here or email me at!

P.S. I would like to thank all of you who worked with me to prepare all the materials for my accreditation ~ you guys are awesome!

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